Rebound 2

Instantly Transform Your Sounds With Rebound 2

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Sounds Made With Rebound


Here are the plugin's features (as the heading states ^)

pattern made with rebound in it's drawing mode

Create Beautiful Colour Bass

This plugin was designed with colour bass in mind. We all know it is a type of music, which people listen to you know.

drawable filter

Draw Unique Filter Shapes

Rebound lets you draw cool phasers and interesting filters. It works differently to how normal filters work, but its fireee.

sinewave pattern on rebound's draw section

Spectral Vocoding

A 1024 band vocoder? GAME CHANGER. Morph two sounds together and then process them further all in rebound.

another pattern made with rebound in it's drawing mode

A Spectral Effect

Unlike a normal multiband plugin, this one has up to 1024 bands. That is quite a large number if you think about it. Isn’t it?

sinewave type pattern on rebound's draw mode

Choose How You Draw

Use normal mode for a smooth sound and glitchy mode for that beautiful icy sound. 🥶🥶

spectral gating in rebound. The bottom half is cut off by the gate.

Spectral Gating & Smoothing

Spectrally gate what you draw to create EPIC bleep bloop sounds, turn up the smoothing to create beautiful decays.

You only live once.


New in Rebound 2

  1. Process sounds in 256, 512 or 1024 bands
  2. New spectral vocoder you can use to morph sounds with up to 1024 bands
  3. Improved filter quality
  4. Time Skew Control
  5. Added zoom
  6. Sine LFO Shape
  7. Changed spectral smoothing to separate attack and decay controls for more control
  8. Load and save the shapes you draw
  9. Save and load your own presets via Ableton
  10. Removed Herobrine

What Does Rebound Do?

Rebound is a spectral Max for Live plugin which warps your sounds in ways never you’ve never heard.

In EQ Eight, you can automate the volume of bands up and down, but my plugin Rebound lets you do this automatically, with 256 bands!

rebound's frequency bands section, volume is the y axis, frequency band is the x axis

What Makes It Unique?

I kidnapped multiple mad scientists, placed them into an air-tight room. They fought to the death. One survived. He then managed to tie me to the chair and forced me to make 'the dopest colour bass plugin'. I sat in the chair 24/7 until I came up with Rebound, making it the first sound design plugin ever created in a hostage situation.

One day you will die. Make it count.

Complete Feature Walkthrough

(very serious video guys no funnies here just straight to the meat and potatoes of it you know)

You know you want to...

The hottest Max 4 Live Device on the market rn.

Even your nan has it.

someone's grandma

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Many people do. "I have known Blair for years, he can be trusted with your money so give it to him" - Billy

This is not a VST. 😩 It is a Max for Live Device so it can only be used in Ableton Live Suite or the standard version with the Max for Live upgrade.

Whilst it could happen, we cannot guarantee you will become god. This is because we are not Unison Audlo.

Yes. I got you fam. Free upgrade for all the mother fuckers out there WOO!!. This is because we are not Unison Audlo. Click here to grab your free update